V5 Page Setup Tutorial - Page 2: Printable CD/DVD


  Go to File>New and click on the "Disc Label" project button. 

  Now click on the link text above the design area and select the template for your printer.  (...or one that matches closely... paper size is very important here.  Some CD Printers use a full-page and some do not.)

   Click OK after you've selected your printer.  Go to File>Page Setup.

   The settings for width and size will be the outer hole.  (Size + Bleed)

   The settings for the 'Center Hole' will be for the inner hole.  (Size - Bleed)

 Outer hole adjustments:  First, write down the existing width of the template.  Add in the bleed if there is any.  Next, measure the printable media's diameter.  (left edge, directly across to the right edge... only measure the printable area.) Subtract the measured diameter from the template's existing diameter (width + bleed) and write down the difference.

 If this is a negative number, then you are seeing a white ring around the outside of the CD.  In this case, you can just increase the bleed by the difference. This will save you the trouble of adjusting the top and left numbers.  If you prefer to keep the bleed as is, change the "Width" setting to your measured amount minus the bleed setting.  Then adjust the top and left numbers by one-half of the difference.  (Since the template is fixed at it's center point, we've changed the distance from the left and top of the tray.)  Let's say the measured printable area diameter is 11.90cm.  (That should be all the way to the edge.) The difference is -.20cm.  (11.60 + .1 bleed = 11.70.  11.70cm - 11.90cm = -.20cm) One half of -.2 is -.1.  Add that to the top and left.  This is the same as subtracting the postive number:  New Left = (.71cm - .1cm) and New Top =  (8.84cm - .1cm )  In this case you'd change the Start Position Left setting to .61cm, and the Left setting to 8.74cm.  

  If the difference is a positive number, then you are printing ink onto a non-printable surface.  Some people will just wipe this off with a slightly damp cloth or tissue.  Since most CD Printers are incredibly accurate you should be able to "hit" this diameter within 1mm or even less.  Set the Width to the measured amount - bleed.  Then add the difference to the Start Position Top and Left.  If the printable area measured to be 11.6cm, the difference would be .1cm.  One-half is .05cm.  Adding this to the Top and Left, we get a New Top of 8.89cm and a New Left of .76cm.

   To put this more simply, if the size of the outer diameter is now smaller than the original template, you need to add to the top and left settings.  If the outer diameter is now larger, you'll need to subtract from the top and left settings.  (Avoid adjusting the Width and Height if you can just use bleed.  Adjusting bleed will have NO effect on top and left numbers.)


 Inner Hole adjustments:  This is much more straightforward, since the inner hole has no effect on the Top and Left numbers.  Just measure the printable inner diameter and enter the measured diameter for the Center Hole "Size" field.

  Type in your printable media stock name in the 'Name' field at the top, click the "Save Template" button and you are done.

 Here's my altered settings for a 11.60 outer diameter and a 3.9cm inner diameter (TDK DVD-R):

 The next time you go to select a label template, you'll be able to choose it from the "Template" category:

    Congratulations!  You've finished the Page Setup tutorial.

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