SureThing CD Labeler


Design Files:

Adding Playlist Fields 

Epson R300 / RX500 Setup Tutorial (user submitted...)

Advance and Custom Templates

CD Stomper Tutorials

Design Gallery Zips

Creating a Best of Playlist

Guitar Lessons

Creating Playlists from Scratch

Halloween Page

Mp3 CD

Holiday Season Page

Multiple Playlists

Sean's Design Gallery Designs

Page Setup

Misc Files:

Template Creation Wizard

Com Control Utility (this is now called ExcelFileToolBox)

Troubleshooting: Importing Playlists Version 3

Com Control Utility Source Code (C#)

Troubleshooting: Importing Playlists Version 4

Com Control Documentation and Test Script (V5)

V5- Page Setup

Com Control Documentation and Test Script (V3/V4)

Combinumerals PDF Manual


EPS Templates for SureThing Stocks

Back Panel Solutions

iTunes Playlist Script(for old versions)

Using Wrap

LSHost Install

Memorex EPS Templates

MVASPI.reg file

Patch Duplicate Shortcut Deleter

Pete's Recipe Collection (SureThing DVD Insert - A4)  

SureThing version 4 Label 

SureThing Version 5 PDF (Help File in PDF format)

SureThing Version 5 Label (w/DVD Case)

SureThing version 5 Label (w/Jewel Case)

SureThing Version 6 Disc Label

User Submitted Backgrounds

Version 4 PDF Manual

Version 5 themes

V5 Theme Doc

V5 to V6 Template Copier (vbscript)

V6 PDF (Help File in PDF format)

V7 PDF (Help File in PDF format)