Playlist Field Tutorial  (Step 5)

Now we are ready to display the playlist data.  Click on Playlists and choose Display Playlist Data.

You should see something similar to what is pictured below.  You will notice that not all the songs are listed, only 13 are displayed when there is actually 14 songs.  So what we will do is move the Album to so we can move up the songs to make it fit.

First, go into pointer mode (aka, object mode) and click on the Album Title (Follow the Sun).  Move it to the right upper corner, and then move the Artist (Team Surething) to the left corner as pictured below.  Next, select the song list box and move it upwards so that the 14th song fits onto the design.

We will also want to put the Album and Artist titles into the spine area of the jewel case.  Select the Artist text box (Team SureThing) and press Ctrl-C (or Edit>Copy Object), then press Ctrl-V (or Edit>Paste Object).  Repeat this for the Album title text box (Follow the Sun).

You will have rotate the object so click on the Rotation Tool icon pictured below and select the text box you wish to rotate, the text box will appear as pictured below with the arrows on the corners of the object. 

Bring your mouse cursor directly over one of the corners with the arrows, you will notice that your mouse cursor changes, left click (and hold down) and move your mouse, you will notice the box rotates.  Rotate it so it is vertical to the spine.  You can move the object into the spine area after by left clicking in the center of it and dragging over to the spine area.

After the text frames are positioned, repeat the copy (Ctrl-C) and paste (Ctrl-V) procedure to make two more text frames for the other spine.   Also rotate the fields so that they read the right-way up when the spines are folded.  You can adjust the spacing by clicking and dragging the vertical cell borders while in Text Mode.  Here's the final result with a background image included:

 If you're song list is still too long, you can select the entire table in object mode and change the font size pulldown.  You can usually go as low as 5 point text before the information becomes unreadable.   If you have over 30 songs, you may need to use the column technique used in the MP3 CD tutorial

Congratulations!  You have finished the playlist field tutorial. 

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