Playlist Field Tutorial  (Step 4)

Next, we are going to add a table to format the song list.  From the main menu click on Tools > Object Tools > Table Tool.  

Bring your mouse cursor over to the design area, left click with your mouse and hold down and drag your mouse across the design area.  You will notice a rectangle sizing out as you move your mouse cursor, let go once the rectangle is approximately the size of the entire jewel case in width and about the vertical length of a standard font.  You will see a screen popup like the image below, set the number of rows to 1 and the number of columns to 3.  Click Ok.


Now you should have something like what appears in the image below.  If you have closed the Insert Field popup click on Playlists and choose Insert Fields again to bring it up.  Go to text mode and place your cursor into the table cell like shown below.  Select the # item in the Insert Field popup and press the Insert button.  (Be sure to uncheck the "New Frame" checkbox.)  Next, place your cursor into the next cell to the right, select Track:Title and press the Insert button.  Finally, place you cursor again into the next cell after that one and select Track:Playtime and press the Insert button.  Press Close to close the 'Insert Field' dialog.

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