Playlist Field Tutorial  (Step 3)

If you already have a playlist you want to use, double-click on it under 'Playlist Database Selections', if not read the contents of the CD by clicking on the Contents  button.

Now you are ready to add the playlist fields to the design.   Click on Playlists and choose Insert Playlist Fields as shown in the image below.


You will get a popup that looks like the picture below, to insert the playlist fields just select the ones you want and click on the insert button.  Start by selecting "Title" and then pressing Insert. 

 Next, select "Artist", check New Frame and press Insert.  You will notice 2 new text boxes on the design. 

They may be overlapping each other so you will have to move them.  Click on the pointer toolbar icon and then click on the newly created field boxes to select it (it will be highlighted red), left click and (while holding down the button) move your mouse to move the text box, let go of the mouse button to stop moving it.

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