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Page Setup Guide for SureThing 3.0 Deluxe






One of the most overlooked features of SureThing 3.0 Deluxe is Page Setup.  You can use it to modify an existing template to fit that brand new label that just came out and is not available in SureThing or you can use it to make fine adjustments to your template if you are not happy with the print alignment. 

In this tutorial we will modify the KYSO Mini CD 6-up to match a new template not available in SureThing, the Memorex  8cm Mini Pocket Label.  Both are very similar and with just a few adjustments we can turn the KYSO template into the Memorex template.


To begin click File and then choose New from the main menu.

Once you have selected the KYSO Mini CD 6-up press the Finish button or You can press Next and pick your backgrounds and Smart Designs.  



You will see the label ready to be edited as shown in the image below.



Download the Memorex 8cm Mini Label template for SureThing 3.0 Deluxe only.