Creating Multiple Playlists on Multiple Labels

  Do you have a bunch of unlabeled CDs lying around?  Never fear, SureThing CD Labeler's playlist manager allows you to import, create, edit and print many playlists and labels at once.  Collect your marked up CDs and read on...  This tutorial is also recommended if you want learn about some of the more advanced features contained in the playlist manager.

  To begin go to File>New and choose your favorite cd label stock and your data type.  For our example we will choose Audio Smartdesigns and the SureThing 2-up label stock.

Click on Playlists>Playlist Manager, or on the Playlist Manager icon on the control strip.   This will bring up the Playlist Manager dialog.  If you haven't already added the playlists to your database, do it now.  To import from the CD, insert your CD and click the Contents icon: .   Repeat this for each CD you want to label.  If you cannot make a match or import the CD-Text data, you'll need to create the playlists from scratch

Select the playlist for your first label and click "Apply". 

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