Creating the Playlist Step 3

1. Go to the Playlist menu, and select Get Contents from CD.

2. In the Edit Active Playlist window, you should see a tab called, "Files". Click on it, and you'll see an outline view of your disk drives. Select the CD-Rom drive which holds your MP3 CD.

3.  Click the plus sign to the left of the CD's name, and then the arrow button to import the file names into your playlist:

  When you select the drive and click the only the files which are showing underneath the drive will be imported into the playlist.  If you have multiple folders on your CD and you want these names to show on your label, make sure to expand these folders by clicking on the "+" symbols next to them. (You can also double-click them.)  Then re-select the CD-ROM drive and click the  key. 

Before you click OK, check your file list for any extraneous filenames.  Some burner programs will add some extra files for launching your audio player.  The CD we used for this example contained three extra files.  "Autorun.inf", "Play.exe", and "Playlist.m3u".  Select each file and click the button to remove it from the playlist.  Repeat for any other extra files.

Click OK when you are done.

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