Implementing DHTML in WebExpress


Pulldown script:  (for demo click here)

Currently in WebX:

To make this easier in WebX:

To do this manually you must first insert the call to the script:

Click the 'Extensions' tab
Name: src
Value: pulldown.js



Add a dialog for 'Import Scripts' with a browse button which goes to a dedicated 'scripts' directory.  (or a list of scripts to choose from...or a pulldown...)

The web site manager should register these scripts and should copy the scripts into the root directory.

Insert>Form Field>Drop Down Menu
Click the 'Extensions' tab
Name: onChange
Value: pulldown (this);

*the value should always be 'this'


Create a checkbox for 'use as site navigator'.


Rules/Problems with the 'pulldown.js' script:


function pulldown (name)
//Sends browser to the value of the pulldown....use 'this'
 var newurl = name.options[name.selectedIndex].value;
 if (newurl=='') return false;