Implementing DHTML in WebExpress


Password script

Currently in WebX:

To make this easier in WebX:

To do this manually you must first insert the call to the script:

Click the 'Extensions' tab
Name: src
Value: password.js



Add a dialog for 'Import Scripts' with a browse button which goes to a dedicated 'scripts' directory.  (or a list of scripts to choose from...or a pulldown...)

The web site manager should register these scripts and should copy the scripts into the root directory.

Create a link
Set it to, "javascript: htmpassword ();"


If this script is used on a link, force the creator to enter the password and then automatically load/create the page.  The web site manager would have to be updated as well.



Rules/Problems with the 'password.js' script:

The password has to be set to the name of the protected page minus the extension.  The user will be sent to whatever the password is + ".htm"

If the web site uses some other extension the script will have to be changed.

This script is pretty cheezy... but some users have asked for this sort of thing.  

Not a very secure way to protect a site.

function htmpassword() 
// to password protect a page using the pagename sans .htm as pass
pass=prompt ('Enter Password');
window.location=pass + '.htm';