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DISCLAIMER: Please note that this information is NOT provided by Epson or SureThing. If either of these companies objects to this publication I will remove it at their request. I am simply a user like yourself trying to do a good deed and save you some trouble. Although I consider the following procedure to be perfectly safe (and have used it dozens of times myself), please understand that I assume NO LIABILITY whatsoever for any damage or other problems that might occur as a result of your use. This page will be available for a limited time so you may wish to save an "html" copy or print it for future use.

Although Epson includes a labeling program called "Print CD" with their R300 / RX500 Series printers, many users would prefer to create labels with SureThing CD Labeler Deluxe. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it!

1) Open the oull-down CD/DVD printing slot on your Epson R300 or RX500 Series printer. Place an Inkjet Printable CD or DVD face-up on the tray adapter and insert the adapter into the R300/RX500 disc printing slot making sure that the arrows line up as specified in your Epson instruction manual.

2) Launch SureThing CD Labeler Deluxe 4.

3) From the SureThing File Menu select "New" (the "Select Label Stock" Dialog now appears).

4) From "Product Types" box select "CD Printers".

5) From "Label Products" box select "Epson Stylus Photo 960"

6) Click "Next"

7) Click "Finish" (the design template now appears).

8) Design a label or transfer an existing design using standard SureThing procedures.

9) From the SureThing File Menu select "Print" (The "print" dialog now appears).

10) Click "Options" (The "Epson Stylus Photo R300 Series Properties" dialog now appears).

11) From "Paper Options" box use the drop-down menus to select the following options:

Source: "Manual"
Type: "CD/DVD"
Size: "A4 (297 x 210 mm)"

12) Select your print quality option (ie; Text & Image, Photo, Best Photo, etc.)

13) Click "OK" (The "Print" dialog now appears).

14) Click "OK" (Printing should now begin. If not, verify your settings and/or check your CD/DVD tray alignment).

Note: If you use a background color or background image, a portion of the disc's clear inner circle as well as the silver outside rim will be printed due to design bleed. This is perfectly normal however these surface areas are not considered "inkjet printable" and the ink may not dry properly. You may wish to gently wipe off the excess ink using a soft cloth. Generally this can be done after the printed disc has had a minute or two of drying time. Alternatively you could adjust the design properties to minimize the bleed diameter(s).

Read your Epson User Guide, observe proper drying times before playing a printed disc and ALWAYS follow the manufacturers instructions and recommendations.